Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Royal Scots Greys

Breaking News: The Live-In Painting Assistant Accepts First CommissionHorses for The Scots Greys
Lady Butler's Scotland Forever

Due to the massive effort to implement the Central Planning Commission's Nine-Month Plan for the Uplifting of the Prussian Kingdom and Victorious End of the Befreiungskrieg, the Live-in Painting Assistant currently has 44 horses of the Von Roder's I Corps Reserve Cavalry on the table, which fortuitously allowed the prototyping of various Greys (also here, and here).

First a "White":
Trumpeter of the 3rd (Brandenburg) Uhlans



Artillery Officer in Progress

Selection of the (8) prototypes.  White to Dark Dapple.

Painting Notes:  
For White Horses Mid-Tone is Ceramcoat Oyster White, Bridgeport Grey and Americana Snow  in a 1:1:1 ratio.  Highs are American Titanium White or Blick White.  Shadows Ceramcoat Bridgeport Grey.

All models are Calpe Figures (the ones with the horse furniture are Calpe Dragoons).

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