Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For the Rebels

Some of the gaming group are being terrible Napoleonic dilettantes and are building up a collection of Civil War figures in 28mm.

Even though I shy from the thought of gaming this period, I thought the below might cheer the Resident Rebel Commander.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Bremen Volunteers, Part One

Links to Part Two and Part Three

A teaser for a more lengthy post when the 6th Uhlans are done:

The 6th Uhlans created special issues as there were no figures available for Lutzow's Legion cavalry or the Bremen Volunteers (part of the Hanseatic Legion).   The Bremen Volunteers were especially troublesome as they don't even wear standard Prussian kit... and thus my first steps at conversions....

First a shot of the base metal.  The two figures in the middle are Front Rank...French Lancers (its been so long I dont remember if they are from the French or Russian lines) which will become the Bremen Volunteers.  The outside two are Calpe Landwehr Cavalry which will be used for the two squadrons of Lutzow's Legion Uhlans.

And what I am trying to create:

And without further ado... the Green Stuff.

The Calpe Landwehr get built up shoulder boards and pickers and chains.
The Front Rank figures have had their bardin-habit veste-thing sliced off and buttons removed.  Some green stuff to smooth out and added in a Prussian cut double breasted coat-line. 

(In the background can see the Calpe Hussar, waiting for their picker and chain and join the unit as Lutzow's Hussar Squadron.  The 3rd [Brandenberg] Uhlans are also on the painting table in the background.)

Note, I cant take much credit for the success/failure of these troops, the live-in Painting Assistant and Artist Extraordinaire took over when I threw down the sculpting tool in frustration... 

The horse hair tassel/poms on the Bremeners was absolutely 0% of my work/imagination... I was thinking of just cutting the bottle brush of entirely.

Better angle to see the pants alterations.  The Front Rank figures are in a waist coat, so we gave them green stuff down to their knees to model a proper Prussian Litewka.  

The Front Rank saddles/shabraque are completely smooth and plain (correctly or incorrectly, I claim no knowledge of French/Russian cavalry), and are a stark contrast with Calpe's models.  It was difficult even getting the green stuff to stick to the metal was so smooth (figures were washed prior to alteration of course).  Added in a border to give us something to paint red and hopefully break-up the otherwise smooth metal. 

Calpe Squadron Officer having his kollet filled in to become a Litewka

Stay tuned for future installments, the figures are base coated now.  I've been hinting to the live-in Painting Assistant and Artist Extraordinaire that the Bremen Volunteer conversions could be considered her Masterwork, as there isn't anything left in the Corps that can really compare in difficulty.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

Classic Painting References

A GREAT Campaign game!

And some food for thought on future Campaign Gaming.

Not a bad catch for ~$8.50 a book.

(EDIT: Just noticed this post was supposed to go out months ago.... so here it is now)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Changing of the Guard--Enter Beowulf

So my six year old gaming rig died about three weeks ago.... the old Nvidia 8800 GTX graphics card(s)[I had two!] just gave out.

And so it was with great sadness I announced the death of an unknown soldier--random Dell XPS 720 and disappeared from online life and gaming for three weeks. 

She served me well for a long time... and oh how I hated hauling this damn thing and its inch thick plastic casing around between moves.

And with this blog I am pleased to announce the launch and commissioning of a lovely new gaming rig....  

The live-in painting assistant and artist extraordinaire's penchant for naming her computers has apparently rubbed off:

I Give you Beowulf 

To give some scale, I ordered some Prussian Musketeer Officers to man the fighting top. 

Some additional perspective

The Official Changing of the Guard:

Enter Beowulf