Friday, March 14, 2014

Changing of the Guard--Enter Beowulf

So my six year old gaming rig died about three weeks ago.... the old Nvidia 8800 GTX graphics card(s)[I had two!] just gave out.

And so it was with great sadness I announced the death of an unknown soldier--random Dell XPS 720 and disappeared from online life and gaming for three weeks. 

She served me well for a long time... and oh how I hated hauling this damn thing and its inch thick plastic casing around between moves.

And with this blog I am pleased to announce the launch and commissioning of a lovely new gaming rig....  

The live-in painting assistant and artist extraordinaire's penchant for naming her computers has apparently rubbed off:

I Give you Beowulf 

To give some scale, I ordered some Prussian Musketeer Officers to man the fighting top. 

Some additional perspective

The Official Changing of the Guard:

Enter Beowulf

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  1. Good lord that is truly a behemoth! Like the name, though.