Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Royal Scots Greys

Breaking News: The Live-In Painting Assistant Accepts First CommissionHorses for The Scots Greys
Lady Butler's Scotland Forever

Due to the massive effort to implement the Central Planning Commission's Nine-Month Plan for the Uplifting of the Prussian Kingdom and Victorious End of the Befreiungskrieg, the Live-in Painting Assistant currently has 44 horses of the Von Roder's I Corps Reserve Cavalry on the table, which fortuitously allowed the prototyping of various Greys (also here, and here).

First a "White":
Trumpeter of the 3rd (Brandenburg) Uhlans



Artillery Officer in Progress

Selection of the (8) prototypes.  White to Dark Dapple.

Painting Notes:  
For White Horses Mid-Tone is Ceramcoat Oyster White, Bridgeport Grey and Americana Snow  in a 1:1:1 ratio.  Highs are American Titanium White or Blick White.  Shadows Ceramcoat Bridgeport Grey.

All models are Calpe Figures (the ones with the horse furniture are Calpe Dragoons).

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Taking Stock for 2015, June Report

For June the Live-in Painting Assistant and I did not quite hit our target 22.6 figures.  Total that passed final inspection and sealed was 18 figures, including the F/6th Line and 6 of 8 figures for the 6th Uhlans.

The final two figures of the 6th Uhlans (Lutzow's Hussars) and the 8 figures of the Brandenberg Uhlans are three-colored and awaiting the Live-in Painting Assistant's final detailing and TLC.  On top of that the Live-in Painting Assistant completed 9 of 44 horses, including prototyping figures for her first painting commission (separate post to follow) and also prototyped 3 figures for our Berg units (Calpe Saxon Lead).

Lutzow's Legion Uhlans, w/ the figures of the F/6th Line in background

Bremen Volunteers
Taking Stock for 2015 Summary:
GOAL: 22.6 Figures/Month

JUNE: 18 Figures--FAIL+
Completed: F/6th Line; majority of 6th Uhlans