Thursday, July 3, 2014

Taking Stock for 2015, June Report

For June the Live-in Painting Assistant and I did not quite hit our target 22.6 figures.  Total that passed final inspection and sealed was 18 figures, including the F/6th Line and 6 of 8 figures for the 6th Uhlans.

The final two figures of the 6th Uhlans (Lutzow's Hussars) and the 8 figures of the Brandenberg Uhlans are three-colored and awaiting the Live-in Painting Assistant's final detailing and TLC.  On top of that the Live-in Painting Assistant completed 9 of 44 horses, including prototyping figures for her first painting commission (separate post to follow) and also prototyped 3 figures for our Berg units (Calpe Saxon Lead).

Lutzow's Legion Uhlans, w/ the figures of the F/6th Line in background

Bremen Volunteers
Taking Stock for 2015 Summary:
GOAL: 22.6 Figures/Month

JUNE: 18 Figures--FAIL+
Completed: F/6th Line; majority of 6th Uhlans

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