Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rumble in the Snow

We had a nice small Seven Years War game this weekend.

Austrians set up for a big set piece on a ridge.  Prussians led by Fredrick decided not to play their game and concentrated completely on the Austrian right.    The infantry brigade on the Austrian left was led by good Austrian aristocrat and couldn't read his orders or react on his own initiative and never left his starting position until it was to late.  Despite being outnumbered in both infantry and cavalry the Prussians for the most part managed localized superiority and broke the Austrian right.

Fredrick opens up with a concentrated attack on the Austrian right

5th 'Bayreuth' Dragoons in the lead

Austrian Grenzers and Freikrops in the woods.

The cavalry fight for the right flank

Austrians (pretty!) cling to their ridge... and continue to fail command rolls
to move off and reinforce the right flank. 

Fredrick rallying the troops!


Prussian attack up ridge against the battalion anchoring the Austrians right.

Do you want to live forever!

Austrians right collapsed and surrounded.

Close of the Game.  Prussians have taken the Ridge!

Long Shadows