Thursday, December 22, 2016

Vive l'Empereur!

Vive l'Empereur!  Wait... what?!?

The Iron Marshal has been tasked with organizing a new provisional corps.

A fine gift from my friends in the South.

Davout reviews his First Provisional Division of four battalions.

Gen. de Brigade Le Frog commands for now.

The Second Provisional Division of five battalions
lacks any commanders

The Second Provisional Division clearly better painted.... err uniformed & supplied!

Divisional Artillery Assets are rebuilding

Davout's Provisional Corps:
Seven Ligne Bns.
Two Leger Bns.
One Foot Battery

The True and Honest Prussians were complaining of a lack of French to scrum with and so a great Ebay campaign has been waged over the last year and a half.  Von R. has another ~5 or so Bns. waiting for command stands to fill them out and another 2 Bns. are in the mail from Ebay.
Likely will have around 15 Bns of infantry when its all done.

Much has changed in the last 18 months.  A move far to the North has caused little gaming or painting to occur.  The hobby is not quite dead and the lead pile is assailed with brush in hand once a blue moon.  Will need to find some time to find a new gaming group or hold a few solo games now that I am acquiring both sides.