Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Civil War in the Central Valley

Well, first things first....

1) I'm not dead.
2) The Blog is only somewhat dead.
3) I am no longer unemployed (and there was much rejoicing)
and oddly number 3 means there will be more games and more posts once again.

but to the matter at hand.  I visited the Fresno Civil War Reenactment in the Central Valley of California in late October.  Its the largest civil war reenactment in the western United States, so I thought I'd take some photos (actually on this particular trip I had minions with very nice cameras take the photos...).

Confederate skirmish line

Union men pouring on the fire

Some zouaves and federals through the smoke

In comes the cavalry

Thought this was a great ensamble.

I was curious about these red shirts.  The big guns stayed put, but these guys wheeled their battery
all over the field.