Sunday, October 12, 2014

Defense of Vauchamps

Its been several months since we have been able to get a game together so we put together something small this weekend and had a nice time of it.  Scenario was the first two hours of the Vauchamps--Von Zeiten's 11th Brigade has just ejected Marmont's pickets/outposts from Vauchamps and is trying to hold his newly gained ground as the vanguard of the Army of Silesia.  The OOB was based on Nafziger lists and the best guess possible for two hours of research and prep work.  Rules were Carnage & Glory II.  Apologies for the photographs... only my phone camera available.

Marmont advancing with his depleted corps

General de Division Lagrange chooses to aggressively assault the Prussian six pounder battery; the assault renders 165 men of the 1st Marine Regiment hors de combat and sends the battalion to the rear for the day. French Cavalry contesting Von Zieten's left against the 7th Silesian Landwehr Cavalry.

The results--Landwehr Cavalry hold on through two rounds of combat, but are ultimately defeated, allowing the French to flank Vauchamps.

On the Prussian left the Silesian Hussars have returned the favor, running off the French skirmishers and forcing the french battery to alter facing and the supporting infantry into square.

French Cavalry hoping to saber some unprepared gunners!

Leval's fresh 7th Division coming on table.  The Prussians are starting to evacuate after holding the town for an hour and fifteen minutes. 

The supporting closed columns are not quick enough to cover the retreating guns!  The French Cavalry charge and saber 176 of 200 gunners, capturing 5 guns.  In the ensuing flight a lack of draft horses causes another gun to be abandoned.

At this point the game was called having reached a decision. Game time we had played an hour and 45 minutes (7 rounds)  in about 2-2.5 hours.

 It was determined that the Silesian Hussars and reinforcing Russians would be able to cover the retreat of everything except the two closed columns of the 10th Reserve Regiment that were now almost surrounded. 
The French lost 1478 causalities including over 600 dead and almost 200 captured.
The Prussians lost 700 casualties, and 6 guns, in addition it was determined the two cut of battalions would surrender or be near total losses bringing the Prussian casualties to approximately 1700.

Historically, the French lost only 600 for the entire day, so our Von Zieten managed to pull of an "even or better" result inflicting more losses and incurring similar level of causalities. 

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  1. Hi Malefric
    Nice looking game, and nice to see it being played with C&G. I visited the battlefield this summer. The terrain, where the French cavalry got stuck in, was horribly flat and open.