Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Adventures in Caulk: Road Construction Part 3

Picking up the tutorial from Part 1 & Part 2:
1) Let dry for 24-48 hours.
1a) While its drying, spray watered down PVA (50/50) from spray bottle on everything.  I applied several coats over the few days it was drying, hoping to cut down on gravel loss in the future.  Make sure you wash out the spraying apparatus in between PVA coats.  

2) Apply dark brown wash.

3) Let dry again (we let it sit another day).

4) Dry brush Cocoa and Trail Tan picking out both the dirt texturing and the gravel

5) Final dry brush of Bamboo on the dirt texturing and Oyster White on the gravel (to further highlight the gravel).

6) [Optional] Apply BULK matte sealer.  I purchased some Krylon Matte, but found it did not dry as clear as Dullcote after several tests.  The advantage is the Krylon comes in a standard spray paint can size for the same price as the tiny Dullcote can. I applied some of the Krylon matte to the roads, bushes, and walls after they were finished painting.  

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