Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adventures in Caulk: Road Construction Part 2

Version 2.0 Roads on the table,  going for a less muddy look and more of a graveled road.  These roads will be used in our Quatre Bras game.

On the left of the above you can see the base cotton material.  Spread out thin and smoother layer of caulk.  Lay down some gravel/grit/sand in thin lines with a bit scattered about.  Wait 10 minutes and press the grit into the caulk some more to try to ensure longevity. 

Some end of the tube thoughts... Hedges! for battle field scatter or maybe some skirmish gaming later on.  Spare 1 inch balsa/basswood sliced up with a cheap .02 cent pencil (from Office Max) sliced up and glued down the middle.  Apply caulk.  Press Woodland Scenics bushes into the caulk as soon as you're done forming the berm.  

Same as above, except I shoved a spare tree into the mix.  

The Tools of Battle.

Soo... Note that above we used "Dynaflex 230" Cedar Tan which retails at $4.30/ tube.  Same price for this very similar looking "Alex Ultra" but we found the "Alex" caulk to be more difficult to work with and generally not recommended.

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