Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day and Some (Prussian) Fireworks

This Independence Day I celebrated by finishing up doubling my artillery to Empire standards.  Four half batteries are ready to take the field (16 artillerists and 4 guns)

The artillery themselves are based off a post made by Martin at as mentioned earlier.  This post is half to write down my paint mixes for the next time the artillery park needs an expansion.

The midtone on the carriages is approximately two parts Folk Art 720 Colbalt Blue and one part Americana Sapphire.  The highlights are about 50/50 Americana Sapphire and Folk Art 480 Titanium White.  All the metal work is supposed to be blacked so I did it in Vallejo 050 Dark Prussian Blue.  The gun is Vallejo Bronze highlighted with Vallejo Brass and black washed with the Vallejo Black Shade.

Although I find Vallejo paint annoying to work with (drys incredibly fast and the D. Prussian Blue is a nightmare to get out of brushes) and hit-or-miss to purchase (some are not exactly the same shade or arrived separated and never really reintegrated) the Vallejo Black Shade is a favorite.  A friend prefers to just make her black washes, but the Vallejo shade is darker, applies more smoothly and in generally I find creates less of a mess and re-highlighting work.

Next up on the writing down list is the recipe for Regulation Prussians!  The Kollet is Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue for the shadows (base coat), Blick Dark Light Blue Midtones and Americana Sapphire highlights.  Ceramcoat Opaque/Bright Red/Vallejo Scarlet.

The Pants are two-colored Ceramcoat Charcoal and Ceramcoat Rain Gray, highlighted with the Rain Gray.  All blacks are Blick Black and whites are Folk Art Titanium White.  The canvas haversacks are a mix that I try differently just about every time I make a run of Prussians. All buttons/gold lace are done in Vallejo brass.

EDIT: Leather Bits: 2x Ceramcoat Iron Oxide, 1x Ceramcoat Raw Sienna, 3x Americana Heritage Brick

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