Friday, July 26, 2013

Hannibal Campaign Playtesting

I am quite new to this hobby that can take years and years to amass figures for various periods... however I've seen quite a few Carthaginians, Gauls, and Early Republican Romans massing on the fields (painting tables) of others.

Starting Setup
As I had GREAT cards for a siege...
Hannibal decides to take care of Massilia on his way, but of course a series of poor rolls [that had double bonuses!], fail and the siege ends up taking most of 218 B.C. 
Hannibal crosses the alps and due to more bad rolls and loses 20% of the force including half the elephants. Desperate for victory and reinforcements, Hannibal meets Publius Scipio larger force at the Battle of Trebbia. 
The Battle of Trebbia was a near run thing... a very near run thing.  8CU for Carthage vs 10CU for Rome (however allies and local friendly Gauls boosted Carthage's "battle cards").  At one point Publius' frontal assault almost broke the Carthaginian center (Hannibal had to make a dice roll with a 33% chance of losing the battle).  A flanking attack saved the day.  For Rome the loses were light... 10% for battle casualties and 20% for the retreat (3 CU). Carthage... another 3 CU losses, meaning Hannibal was at 50% of the numbers he started his march to Italy with.

The "Allies System" and combat losses/attrition may need to be adjusted for miniatures campaign purposes as will be seen further on.

Hannibal rolls the worst possible result for casualties. 
Battle of Mutina, 217 B.C.  Hannibal meets Publius Scipio again at the newly founded Roman Colony of Mutina. 
  Carthage CU 5 vs Roman CU 7.  Publius who had multiple battle cards to play to give him a leg up at Trebbia is out of tricks.  Hannibal, despite fewer troops, easily wins the battle and with the "double envelopment" bonus the remains of the consular legion are wiped out and Publius is gravely wounded.

Hannibal finishes what he started at Trebbia

New year and new consuls, Marcellus leads an attack into Etruria and is nearly wiped out...
 Hannibal ambushes Marcellus near Lake Trasamine Carthage 6 CU: Rome 5CU and is wiped out with only 1 CU making it off the field.

Carthage opens a new front in Sicily under Hasdrubal 
 Carthage (me)  gets great cards for negating Roman's naval supremacy and lands troops in Sicily following Syracuse's defection to Carthage.  Hasdrubal manages to wipe out Tiberius Longus in a series of victories (10 CU on each side) across Sicily compounded by the local population defecting to Cartage (long retreats through unfriendly territory are deadly).

Test run got called here in 216 B.C.

I think with some minor tweaks for converting CU to the tabletop and the battle losses table this could work and more importantly in the first few turns of the campaign the system produced a series of playable battles on the tabletop.

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