Thursday, November 19, 2015

6th Prussian Line

Today a question came up on TMP that made me want to reference my Prussian line muskeeter figures, but I realized that I dont really have any good shots of either the 6th or 7th Line on my blog yet.

As I use this blog as an archive for reference at times I dug out the 6th Line for a quick photo shoot. As always, all figures are Calpe Miniatures with GMB flags.  My desk lamp appear to be making the figures look more gloss than they are in person.

This also gives me a chance to show off my latest Ebay purchase, set of 6 trees with a rough ground terrain piece.  The maker cleverly put magnets in the forest floor piece and the  trees are all on one inch round washers.  They stand on their own, but are even more sturdy with magnet in play.

I/6th Line

II/6th Line in foreground

Quick close up shot of the gear... because so often I see an amazing paint job and want to copy it and they never take pictures of all baggage that Napoleonic figures tend to be modeled with.


  1. Excellent job, those Prussians are superb!

    1. Thanks Phil. Getting very close to finishing the project. Leadership bases and 6 battalions of the 28th and 29th Line (whites uniforms).