Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leaderless: Calpe Command Set PC5

First Corps is currently up to brigade strength.  However, staffing out the command is progressing slowly.

I've been looking for a few figures for I Corps Reserve Cavalry commander Von Roder and accordingly purchased Calpe Miniature's Command Set #5.  I've yet to find a preview online of the figures such as at triangle miniatures so here I've attached a few photos.

From left to right: General, ADC, Trumpeter, General Staff Officer


The figures were without flash and the poses are great.  I was thinking of possibly even splitting this up and using the ADC for another officer stand.  But then a thought occurred,  I realized this stand might actually be great for an old Hussar commander like Zeiten.  Certainly with his old regiment under his command (1st Silesian Hussars) he might detach an old veteran or two to act on his staff.  The trumpeter in this set is in a hussar's campaign dress, wearing his pelisse.

And now a dilemma who should these fine figures get assigned to!

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  1. Re TMP: Napoleonic Campaign system.

    Hi Malefric, saw your post although can't reply to it as I'm banned. I have fixed the signup issue. I have added a user for you, username and password are malefric (suggest you change when you sign in first time). We have a vacant command at the moment so you could jump in, and we can discuss on forums or via email any questions you might have.