Thursday, April 19, 2012


Its been a busy week.

The 2nd battalion of the 12th Line is done and moves on to the Sand Pit for basing.  I've started my test figure for the Silesian Hussars and have excellent source material between the knotel plate: and Centjour Mont St. Jean.

In other news Mount and Blade has incorporated one of its many mods Mount and Musket and released Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars.

I haven't purchased the new DLC yet, but M&B is an excellent game and infinitely moddable which makes for great longevity. The original is a medieval/dark ages setting with great combat.  The real strength of M&B is its use as a modding platform where communities of players bring the game to new eras, locations and often improve on the games core mechanics beyond what the developers created.

Announcement Trailer:

Gameplay will likely mirror Napoleonic War's predecessor which there are some interesting videos:
French forming square:

Its a multplayer game so experience will vary... such as the below! 2e Grenadiers & 2e Chasseurs take on some Brits:
(WARNING! Mind the Language/Profanity--they are gamers)

Random other Video I came accross:
Mount and Gladius (ROMA VICTOR!)

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