Sunday, March 18, 2012

1st Corps Gets Some Real Teeth

So approximately 2 months later I've finished up my 16 gunners and 4 cannons!  This is enough for four batteries  in our rule set.  Inclement weather has prevented getting them spray sealed and based but for the moment there are no more paint flakes to drive me nuts and they really are just in need of basing now! (I've been telling myself that for 3 weeks). Part of that was work taking up a lot of time and the rest being my ham-fisted painting.

Some teasers until I get them ready for the parade ground.

Horse Battery No. 7 (Silesian)  

Mixture of  two and three coloring techniques.

The other thing this project taught me was another factor to add to the list when evaluating figures.  Calpe's level of detail is amazing, but on the foot artillerymen with canvas bag, giberne, greatcoat roll + ramrod, prickers, etc. the figures were really "crowded"  there was a lot going on and it took 3x as long to paint.  Where as the relatively simple horse artillerymen with just one bag and not a half a dozen overlapping things on their chests were actually quick and fun.... the long and short of this is simpler figures have their virtues as well.

Next up im thinking something simple....warlord games landwehr maybe.

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